Several new cases available for the iPad

Four new cases, in several different colors, are available for the iPad from Waterfield.  Most of the cases look pretty good, though how good they’ll prove to be once actual iPads are available for you insert into them is another question.

The case in this picture is one I might choose to pick up, once I can manage to pick up an iPad.

Belkin, a traditional computer and iPod accessory vendor is also coming  out with its first iPad case as well, as you can see in the following picture.

As the iPad’s release date gets nearer we should be seeing more and more accessories such as these coming out. Let’s hope that in the end there will several models which are not only good looking but dunctional too.

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4 Responses to “ “Several new cases available for the iPad”

  1. Bruno Feijó says:

    Everybody looking for new iPad accessories. Any doubt about iPad success? I really don’t understand blind comments from several persons.

  2. Well… They’re blind! What more needs to be said? 🙂

  3. Jarbas Campos says:

    I’m not very fan of cases for products. I generally like them the way they come, but it seems to me that iPad is a kind of device that can’t be simply put into my pocket while not in use, so I think it will be a “must have” kind of accessory. I am also sure that iPad will need another kind of accessory specifically for handling during operation just because it will be quite natural to “touch” it with one hand while securing it with the other, and I don’t see this happening without something to help. We will see.

  4. Generally, I’d say that the whole point of that bezel they have around the iPad’s screen is exactly so that you have how to hold it without interfering with the touch interface.

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