Case, stand, book cover all-in-one for the iPad

As the flurry of accessories and cases continues (emphasis on cases), I’ve run across another interesting one.  This one is from Quirky and is called Cloak Undercover.  What I found particularly interesting was that this case can be used as a stand and a book cover, not unlike what Apple has shown us, but with a bit more of color and style.

The case can be used as a stand both in landscape and portrait mode and comes in several different colors.  When closed it has the familiar “book cover” look that many of us have come to expect for a device with such a large screen which would seem to present a greater risk of damage than the smallish iPhones and iPods.

The option of having the case work as a stand in both orientation modes seems very interesting as I’ve noticed in comments and posts on the Web that I don’t seem to be the only one thinking  of using the  iPad as an auxiliary computer for using Twitter and casual browsing while working on my primary computer.  In this role, the iPad could be used in both orientations, depending on your preferences and it seems interesting to have a case the makes it easy to use it so.

*Images: Quirky.

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