iPad: Flash slayer?!

Since Apple introduced the iPad and Steve Jobs made it clear that the iPad would be a flash-free device people have discussed this issue to death.  Lots of people love flash and think that the iPad is lame because it desn’t support flash, while others couldn’t really care less.

While I have been in the second category from the start, I was quite impressed with the rumored movements of several sites to go the flash-free route.  I guess, the nice folks running these sites got to thinking that they might not want to have potentially millions of iPad users who could not access their websites.

Things start to get really interesting when it becomes clear that Adobe is reeling from the blow.  A video made available by HP on YouTube is presented by Alan Tam of Adobe Flash Product marketing  and goes to all lengths to convince you that what you really need in your life is HP’s Slate tablet, running Windows 7 as well as  Adobe Air and Flash, instead of an iPad.   Let’s get real!

I’ve got several Windows computers, running XP and Windows 7.  While I can boot up Windows 7 on a partition of my MacBook reasonably fast, it won’t be winning any races against my iPod Touch as far as waking up the device goes.  My Asus netbook sometimes takes so long to wake from hibernation that I just prefer to turn it off and reboot clean.  Now, I know that that happens when I put it into hibernation with a ton of things running, but that too is among the reasons pointed by iPad critics to prefer other devices: user controlled multi-tasking.  Yeah, right…

Of course, as the iPad is not even out yet, it is too soon to foresee who will be left standing in the battle for the attention of Webmasters and web developers everywhere.  On the other hand, if I was responsible for a flash-dependant website I would not be happy to be betting all my chips against Apple and the iPad.

If you are curious to see the video, check it out bellow…

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