In the car, on the wall – an accessories system for the iPad

We have been seeing iPad accessories jumping front and center everyday, since I wrote my first post about them starting to appear.  Today, however, I’ve run into one company that seems determined to out do everyone else.  ModulR is bringing out an entire system of accessories that work together to make your iPad your most constant companion ever.  (Might even beat your dog.)

The ModulR system is composed of: a case, a screen protector, a stand, a car mount, a wall mount and shoulder strap.  All the other accessories combine with the case in order to let you use and carry your iPad in pretty much every conceivable situation.  (And probably a few we can’t conceive of yet, too.)  While I find the idea of a shoulder strap to carry a device with a such a large exposed screen unlikely to be a hit, the other accessories seem to form a rather interesting set.

I have to say that this is the first wall mount for the iPad  that I’ve stumbled upon, but the idea might really have some merit and might actually finally be a step bringing to reality all those computer in the kitchen and refrigerators we keep hearing about year after year.  You could, for example, do the dishes while watching the latest episode of your favorite show, and without really running the risk of getting your iPad wet.

The car mount may actually lead you to dispense with a portable DVD player to entertain the children when you’re travelling or driving over longer distances.  As you can see in the picture above, it mounts on the back of the forward seats and with a 9.7 inch screen capable of playing for say 8 hours it makes for a pretty good distraction for the kids.

*Images: ModulR Inc.

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