Great looking Sleeve for the iPad

Wakefield design has a great looking protection sleeve for the iPad coming out, the iPad Ultimate Sleeve.  There are a lot of options and you can pretty much tailor the sleeve your tastes by choosing different colors, materials and even the iPad orientation of your preference.

It hadn’t really ever occurred to me that  in larger device, some people might actually prefer stowing it away in landscape of portrait as it might be easier one way or the other depending on how snug your case is.  It seems that it didn’t escape the folks at Wakefield however as you can see in the picture above.

The version you can see above does away with the leather finish on the bottom in favor a different gray colored fabric.  This was the version that first called my attention to this sleeve.

As a device which won’t simply go into your pocket, the iPad almost bags for a carrying case, sleeve and other protection options such as a screen film.

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One Response to “ “Great looking Sleeve for the iPad”

  1. Jim says:

    Yes, WaterField Designs makes great stuff. Love their stuff.

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