A magazine in motion right in your iPad

Viv, a purely digital magazine, has published on the net the first looks of what it should look like when it comes to an iPad near you.  The video is extremely impressive and rich as you can see by playing it bellow.

VIV Mag Interactive Feature Spread – iPad Demo from Alexx Henry on Vimeo.

This production is amazing and the following video gives you a general idea of the work that went into creating it. Its quality and the corresponding effort that went into creating it however might call into question a magazine’s ability to maintain such a costly production infrastructure and support staff. While this might be the path that some magazines from large media conglomerates might take, it will certainly be beyond the rich of most small publications or publishing houses which will have to opt for a simpler approach.

VIV Mag Featurette: A Digital Magazine Motion Cover and Feature for the iPad from Alexx Henry on Vimeo.

We can hope that in the future we’ll be able to create comparable scenes without the need of cameras and actors, directly in the computer. We’re still a bit distant from that but I’m sure there are people working on it.

*Images: Viv Magazine.

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  1. Infokart says:

    Really cool concept for magazines, fantastic idea! The future is near!


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