A Chat with Dan Grover, author of Etude

Tonight I had an opportunity to have a chat with Dan Grover, Principal at Wonder Warp Software and author of Etude. For those of you that haven’t seen the application yet, Etude is an elegant and fun way to actually see how music is read and played. It’s an iPhone application that was recently released and that has been well received by those that have looked at it.

Dan is now working on creating an iPad version of the application and we discussed that version and his perspectives on adapting the interface of a beautiful iPhone application such as Etude to the iPad.  You can see some screenshots of the iPhone version below.

To start out our discussion on how much effort it will take to port Etude to the iPad, Dan emphasized the fact that regardless of what the pundits my say, the iPad isn’t just a large iPhone or iPod touch.  The much larger screen requires that an application’s interface be totally reconsidered and redesigned so as to properly adapt to all the available space.  On that we both agreed that while it was important to not take advantage of the screen size to fit every possible option on screen at the same time, it would probably be okay to have more options available that what is common on the iPhone or iPod.

The iPad version of Etude should display multiple lines of music on screen, which will probably (my opinion here) make it look more like the music sheet books that are represented in the application’s library.  Its interesting to note that Etude employs a book opening animation to bring the music on screen that is similar to what we saw in Steve Jobs’ demo of the iBookStore.  Despite the fact that I am running the application on a 2nd generation iPod Touch the animation is quite smooth.  I look forward to seeing what it will look like on an iPad.

Dan shared his views on the iPad as platform which aren’t much different from Ken Case, CEO of the Omni Group, shared with me in a recent interview and which are not that different from my own.  He sees the iPad, or the format it showcases, as the next step in the evolution of personal computing.  He sees the iPad as a device which will allow common people (meaning non-techs) to have a much easier time using their computers (iPads).

I’ll be tracking  this application’s  move to the iPad and seeing how it evolves.  Etude for the iPhone is available in the AppStore at an introductory price of $2.99.

*Images: Etude, captured on an iPod Touch.

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One Response to “ “A Chat with Dan Grover, author of Etude”

  1. David says:

    Hi. I bought your app and I love it, please don’t stop its development.. it still crashes very often. I’m looking forward to see it bug-free and on the iPad!


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