Today Apple started accepting submissions for iPad applications

In an email sent out to developers, Apple informed that it had started accepting submissions for iPad applications.  This announcement started a flurry of good humored puns flying around on Twitter.  One of the most interesting one I noticed was inviting everyone to get their super sized bear drinking simulations ready for submission.

I’m quite curious to see what developers have come up in the short time since Apple introduced the iPad to the world.  As much as some people still seem to think that the iPad is just a super sized iPod, the screen size difference is a huge difference and just enlarging an applications user interface wont’t really cut it.  This was one of the issues of porting applications from the iPhone to the iPad that I discussed extensively with Dan Grover, author of Etude a music application for the iPhone, in a recent chat we had.

In order to create an interface that will look good on the iPad you pretty much need to start the visual portion of the application from scratch.  While lots of developer have been working like crazy to update their applications and even create new ones, I don’t envision that we will be seeing applications from third parties that really tap into the full potential of the iPad for a couple of months.  This will allow developers to test their applications in real iPads and make the necessary adjustments to improve the user experience.

What do you think?

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