Apple growing fast in mobile games, without the iPad

Apple has already been making inroads into the mobile gaming world, before the iPad is release, according to Flurry Analytics.  While not exactly unexpected given the number of games available on the AppStore, this just begs that you wonder what will happen in that area once the iPad starts to sell in large numbers.

With a larger screen the iPad might appeal to gamers which haven’t taken to mobile platforms but which might enjoy the opportunity to play a game or two on the couch, instead of sitting in front of a desk.  With a variety of casual puzzle games available for a couple of dollars from the AppStore the iPad might actually attract  new consumers to the gaming market.

As some people who would never think of buying a Nintendo DSi might not object to playing their daily Sudoku game on the iPad they use for email and browsing.   This while a simple consideration might just make the iPad THE platform for casual gaming.  It will be used by lots of people that would never think of buy a gaming device, but which want to use the iPad for reading, surfing and emailing.  These will be easy targets for clever makers of casual games.

Image: Flury Analytics (via Ars Technica)

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