International developers complain about iPad delays…

…at least some of them do.  On a post on The  Next Web, Kim Heras, makes a statement that Apple is mistreating its international developers  because the iPad will only be available on some markets about a month after it is available in the US. He makes his point with the example of an Australian game developer that he is quick to add hasn’t really complained about it, but he feels that since they’ve sold 2 million copies of a game at $0.99, they’ve made Apple $600,000, so Apple could afford to give them special treatment and ship them some iPads.

While I won’t say that Apple could have arranged some way to offer direct shipping to developers, at least developers that have sold more than a given amount of dollars, I don’t see that there is much to complain about.  If Apple did make $600,000 with the sales of that game it means that the company made about $1,400,000 with it.  With well over a million in revenue from that one game they should be able to afford a round trip to the US to buy a couple of iPads directly in stores on April 3rd.

I don’t see that a company should be expected to have its physical products being released everywhere around the globe on the same day.  That applies to any company, not just Apple.  Does anybody believe that there are no iPhone/iPad developers in countries which aren’t scheduled to get an iPad a month after the initial release date and don’t even have a remote idea of when the iPad will reach them through official channels?  Don’t those developers make money for Apple as well?  Those people, as did the Australian company (which wasn’t really complaining), went about finding ways to get their hands on iPads as soon as possible, as their financial situation allows.

There are other issues to consider too.  For example, in Brazil in order to be able to sell equipment that has built-in radios (wi-fi, bluetooth and 3G) they must seek approval by Anatel, the national agency that regulates all telecommunication activities.  This process was only started after the FCC approval process was started, so it will take longer for Apple to authorized to sell the iPad in Brazil.  One would imagine that similar processes need to be undertaken in different countries, all of which add up to delay global availability.

Apple can’t be expected to provide simultaneous access to the thousands of developers that part of their iPhone development program (of which the iPad is part), as I wouldn’t expect HP, Dell or any other company to.  There are just too many people and companies in the program.  What I do believe they could do was to work on setting up a special sales channel for developers to which they would ship internationally.  (Were that would be legal.)

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