iPad: Episode I – The Hidden Menace

A long long time ago, when the situation seemed grim for an embattled computer maker, its board rallied around a strong leadership figure, which promised to bring the Old Company back to its days of glory.  While modestly, refusing to take up the title of Supreme Executive this person started to put plans within plans into motion.

While everyone else in the computer industry lived on with his or her lives this executive started the process, in a secret laboratory facility, to create the most powerful operating system the world had ever known. Under the guise of providing a more capable and modern operating system for the colorful and harmless looking computers the company presented to the public, this great weapon started to emerge.

As years passed and the operating system was brought on line, still running on harmless looking computers with old processors, the secret lab was already testing a version of it for a more powerful processor. With great skill, the executive, elevated to the Supreme position by acclamation, maneuvered to grow public support for his company and products.  With incredible oratory skills, soon he had millions of followers rallying under his banner.  The Old Company started producing small devices which his followers could carry anywhere for entertainment while clearly distinguishing from other devices due to their white color.  These followers became the Old Company’s shocktroopers, going everywhere with their white gear.

Not long after, under the pretense of allowing his followers to enjoy better performance in their everyday tasks the Old Company unveiled a new version of this operating system that could run on far more powerful, newer and multiple-core  processors. It could now also run on multiple hardware platforms with the justification of allowing existing users to have more performance. This was a  great sleight of hand that clouded the fact that it could also run on much less powerful processors as well.

All was evolving as planned and the Supreme Executive was safe in his position as the pieces were set on the board…

*This is the first episode of the iPad Trilogy.  As I mentioned in the past, not everything about the iPad needs to be serious and I decided to write the posts in the trilogy just for the fun of it.

This story is now continued in iPad: Episode II – Attack of the Phones.

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