iPad: Episode III – Revenge of the Chief

This is the third episode of the iPad Trilogy.  Before you read this episode, you should read Episode I – Hidden Menace and Episode II – Attack of the Phones, if you’ve not done so already.

The Company’s powerful new weapon would have the power to replace a small notebook and much more.  All along the Company’s phone had been running a special version of its powerful operating system, the same one that ran on the white gear the Company’s Shocktroopers carried proudly everywhere they went.

Some suspicion that something was afoot was starting to run through the more sensitive members of the opposing factions.  Slowly, they began working in new ways to counter the potential of a new threat.  No one knew exactly when it would come, but tension was palpable in the air.

Patiently, carefully the Supreme Executive and his most trusted followers had worked all the pieces in the board to the most favorable positions. They even managed to blind the opposition into building similar looking weapons, which, as with their phone versions, could not be as versatile and powerful as the Company’s new weapon could.  Inducing people to think that the Company would make a power play in keeping with its traditional strategy of attacking high value targets, they led themselves down the wrong direction.

In truth, the plan involves a simultaneous attack, highly coordinated, to ensure that a series of individual targets are all knocked off in a single blow.  Portable media players, portable DVD players, eBook readers, mobile gaming consoles, netbooks, low power notebooks all are under the sights of the Company’s new weapon.  A Weapon so powerful that it already has large numbers of new will-be-followers preparing their credit cards to go out and buy it as it becomes available and has every holster manufacturer in existence working feverishly to create all kinds of new holsters for it. (Though I am sure, none will really hang at the hip.)

The date is set.  The initial moves towards a great and bloody battle have started. A Battle from which the Company will emerge more powerful than ever, having claimed large portions of new territories and hugely increasing its penetration in its original territory: computers.

As the smoke clears, we will see New Hope that the Company’s new computers. It will be in use everywhere, with the barriers to their usage within companies beaten down fiercely by an even larger army of Shocktroopers.  All of them armed with the Company’s latest weapon.

*This is the third and final episode of the iPad Trilogy.  As I mentioned in the past, not everything about the iPad needs to be serious and I decided to write the posts in the trilogy just for the fun of it.

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