iPad users should be able to watch their favorite TED talks

I just learned from Chris Anderson (via Twitter @tedchris), that the non-Flash version of the TED website is now live for iPhone.  This version of the site gives users access to the videos, comments, ratings and all.  It stands to reason that iPad users should be able to benefit from the work already done to support their smaller siblings, when comes out.

TED is yet another institution to take steps to allow the millions of users of iPhones and iPods to access their websites.  With the iPad reaching shelves on April 3rd (supposing that Apple still has any left to sell by then), the number of people using devices without Flash will be increasing even faster, which should provide continuous stimuli for more sites to follow down the Flash free path. (Full disclosure: Mauricio Longo does occasional consulting for Morfik Technology a company specialized in creating Ajax development tools.)

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