iTunes starts showing iPad versions of your Apps

As the moment you will finally be able to pick up your very own iPad and take it for a spin, the new version of iTunes has started indicating applications that have iPad specific versions.  I had just gone into the store to see what possible listings of other small bits of information about the new iPad applications I could stumble upon when I noticed that it was identifying a large number of updates for my Apps.

I decided to take the time to have a quick look and perhaps start the download of the new versions of my applications.  My surprise was total when I noticed that the list of Apps was divided in two.  On the top portion of the screen you see a list of applications that are compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and in the lower most portion you see a list of the ones which are iPhone and iPod Touch only.

After telling iTunes to download all my updates I ended up with four applications being listed as having iPad versions: BlogPress, Evernote, History: Maps of World and WordPress.  The funny thing was Stanza, the multi-format ebook reader applicaion which was showing as having an iPad version before I downloaded the updates, but was listed as iPhone and iPod only, once the updates were completed.

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