University students raising the bar on note taking in the iPad

A pair of university students are raising the bar of what note taking should be like on the iPad with an application called smartNote.  These fellows are designing an application that matches their needs for their current classes which should provide them with a decent insight on what might prove to be useful, or not.

Taking notes seems to be a natural consideration when you think of the iPad as it seems like the kind of device you would want to carry around from class to class with its light weight, Internet access capabilities, eBook readers and productivity applications.  So, if you are going to have it always with you, what better place to keep your notes and have them always handy.

smartNote has features for freehand drawing, graphs and a lot more.  This is the second application I have come across that looks to be heading in the general direction showcased in the videos about the Microsoft Courier device and built-in applications/features.

Applications such as smartNote are just starting to come alive as developers move to take full advantage of the device’s features.  I’m sure that over the next several months we will see several similar applications appear on the App Store and see them mature into a category all of its own as  more and more students start using iPads.

If you would like to see a video demo of smartNote, there are several available on YouTube.

In watching the videos I was left with a general good impression of the product, but I feel that it is facing the difficulty of being entirely developed in a simulator.  This doesn’t allow the developers to properly test the application in a real usage situation.  This is not a smartNote issue, though.  It’s an iPad developer issue, due to all the secrecy that Apple insists to maintain around the product until it goes on sale. As the developers get access to a real device I imagine that they will quickly adapt their applications to the reality of day to day use of the iPad.

UPDATE:  I have embedded bellow a demo video of the application, that shows off several of its features.

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