TweetDeck for iPad really brings Twitter to your fingers

TweetDeck, a powerful desktop Twitter client application, is pushing hard for the top spot of Twitter clients on the iPad.  Today, when you access the TweetDeck website you are greeted to a large image of two iPads running the application and it looks gorgeous.

I have been TweetDeck user on the desktop almost from the moment I started using Twitter, but even though there is a version of the application for the iPhone, I was seduced away by its competitors in that space.  It seemed to me that TweetDeck’s major strengths resided in how it organized and displayed information for you, using a large screen area.  In the confines of the small iPhone/iPod Touch display I tended to prefer another application.

Now, having seen iPad screenshots of both TweetDeck and the application I currently use on the iPod, there can be no doubt that on the large screen of the iPad TweetDeck’s strengths come through clearly.  The writers of TweetDeck have done a remarkable job of designing an interface that makes effective use of the screen area.  Despite having coloring and graphics similar to the Air-based desktop version of the application it just seems to fit the iPad perfectly.

When being held in portrait mode the application uses the topmost portion of the screen as an information panel where it can display further the built-in browser for you visualize the embedded links without needing to leave the application or the profile of the author of a particular tweet.

If you feel you’ll want to keep on browsing after looking over a particular link, a lice looking button seems to hover over the bottom right corner of the page you’re viewing offering the option of browsing that page in Safari.  The fact that in the iPad you are effectively doing one thing at a time and that the application really fills out your whole screen with so much information should make for a really immersive Twitter experience.

Another area in which TweetDeck seems to be driving forward full speed in is location.  The new application integrates with Maps to display the location information which can now be provided in tweets. The maps display takes up the whole screen and gives you a location marker on the coordinates from which the message originated.  While neither Twitter or Maps are new applications, seeing them so closely tied together in such a functional form is quite impressive.

There can be no doubt that TweetDeck for the iPad is a great improvement over the iPhone version of the application and that it stands head and shoulders above even its desktop sibling. Congratulations to the folks that created TweetDeck for the iPad, did a terrific job!

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