An application for taking course notes on the iPad

Today I stumbled upon what looks like a very interesting application for taking down course notes on the iPad.   Its called CourseNotes and it seems specially designed for the purpose of being used in an academic environment, as the name would imply.  The interface is seems very well thought out and easy to use.  One of the things that struck me on watching the demo video was that the interface seemed uncluttered and practical to use, making a distinction between what are regular notes and notes for an assignment which is due on a particular date.

The demonstration video is quite interesting though it has no audio. This seems a bit strange as the demo would certainly benefit from a few cursory explanations, if only to keep the attention of the person watching.  I’ve included the demo video below which is just under three minutes in length.

The first screen you see is a list of notebooks, one for each course you are enrolled in, I would guess, and when you choose one you get a sort of basic menu of things you may want to do with the notebook such as viewing your last session notes, create a new session or even copy the session notes of someone else that is also using CourseNotes, in case you missed a class.

Your ToDo items for a particular course are shown on a small piece of paper that is clipped on to the menu page for that course’s notebook. This adds to the application’s paper notebook style interface metaphor. In keeping with that metaphor, CourseNotes even has a help notebook that is shown with a Moleskin style cover.

The application is currently available on the App Store for $4.99.  It is interesting to note that there are lower priced applications on the App Store but none that seem to have the same focus on classroom and course notes and assignments.  At least none that I’ve seen so far.  I can’t make a recommendation on whether to purchase or not the application as due to geographical factors I haven’t gotten an iPad to test it yet.   I do plan on doing so as soon as it is possible as this looks like a well designed and thought out application.

*Images: iTunes App Store.

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