USAToday for the iPad gets good reviews

USAToday is getting mostly very good comments from users on the iTunes store.  The comments available as of this writing were mostly favorable giving the application a four star rating average which seems to be a huge contrast to the one and a half  star average The Wall Street Journal was getting when I wrote about it, yesterday.

Users describe the application as being easy to use and a great experience.  The demo video that is available on USAToday’s website shows an application that seems simple to use, interactive and which makes appropriate usage of colors to highlight types of content.  From the demo it seems that USAToday managed to add interactivity and provide an agreeable newspaper like experience which seems modern without abusing of the possibilities offered by the iPad.

I will reserve final judgement on these news applications for when I’m able to try them out in person, but I find the comments being posted by the first users of these applications to be highly interesting as they show us a bit of their expectations and gives as a feel for how close or far from the mark an application might be.  My first impression is that USAToday comes a lot closer to meeting expectations than either the WSJ or The New York Times.  While NYT has a three star average rating its application seems more timid and conservative than what you see in USAToday.

As we are just a few days away from when these applications were released we will have to wait a bit to see how they and the subscription offerings that will work with them will work out.  USAToday is still free for now, and this might be playing an important role in getting it good user evaluations.  Right now, however, it would seem that USAToday is carrying the field in the battle for the user’s attention as it currently holds the 4th place within the top 10 Free applications with the NYT in 9th and WSJ in 10th. (Free application is a relative expression, in this situation, as an application might be free to download but charge for content it displays.)

*Images: iTunes App Store.

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