A couple of interesting new cases for the iPad

Now that the iPad is out case makers are having a field day.  With 450.000 devices already sold in less than a week of availability everyone is moving fast to enter this promising market.  I can see that it is going to be a really big market as I can already see my self thinking of having more then one type of case, depending on where I’m going and how I will be using the iPad during a particular day.  I can also see every member of the family having their own iPad in the not too distant future.  This line of thought speaks volumes for the potential market for iPad cases.

I ran into several models that look quite interesting, from a company called Case-Mate.  I selected two of them for this post as I feel they share a common public. Both models have a bit of  a business feel to them, differentiating from some of the more colorful models offered by Case-Mate, which I’ll probably look into in the future.

The black case is simply called a Nylon Flip Case, while the other is called Felt and Lather Folio. As you can see the cases names pretty much describes the materials they are made out of.   While both cases look good, they are clearly designed with different usage in mind.  The Nylon Flip Case is clearly a transport case which protects your device as you are carrying it around, but it is meant for you to remove the device for actual usage.  The Felt and Leather Folio is intended to house the iPad whie you are using it as well.

A picture of the Felt and Leather Folio shows that it neatly folds back so that you can continue to use it even if you need to walk around using the device, which is good.  The Nylon Flip Case costs $34.99 and the Felt and Leather Folio is $49.99.

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