Alice in Wonderland – Amazing eBook Application

I’m sure that by now you have all seen this as it seems to have run around the world incredibly fast.  I cannot in good conscience, however, abstain from commenting on how incredible the Alice for iPad eBook application looks.  While I’m sure that there could be many different ways to translate this story into an interactive children’s eBook, this one certainly is fun and the children are going to love it.  Heck, I love it!

We are bound to see a great number of fantastic new interactive books on the iPad and the beauty of this device is that there isn’t a single way of doing this right.  I’m sure that other writers, illustrators and developers will get together to create incredible works which are just as unique in their own ways.

Alice for iPad  having been one of the first beautiful eBook applications has had its demo video go viral, as demonstrated by the number of people that have already watched it.  The book is available from the Apple App Store for $8.99.  There is a Lite, abridged, version of the eBook app available for free on the App Store as well.

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