Turn your iPad into a fun phone

A post on BoingBoing called my attention to this retro style phone handset for the iPhone. As the iPhone and iPad use the same type headset jack you can plug them into the iPad and when used in conjunction with Skype you can effectively use your iPad as a phone.  I’m sure that everyone will agree that even it looks fun or funny, instead of ridiculous which is exactly how anyone holding up an iPad to his head will look like when trying to hold a skype conversation without the benefit of a proper headset.

This headset is made by NativeUnion and a visit to their website reveals that there are several models available, as well as different colors.  If you want more mobility from your retro iPad phone you can probably pair one of their bluetooth headset models.

Bluetooth headset model.

The “wired” red model costs $59.99 and the wireless bluetooth model goes for $129.99.  If you want to see how funny it looks when connected to an iPad just follow the link to the post on BoingBoing.

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  1. I’ve had a similar set of phones for a while. One is Bluetooth, and one has a coil cable that goes right into a 3.5mm jack. They’re fun!




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