Pianist plays encore on an iPad in San Francisco concert

Pianist Lang Lang surprised his audience in a San Francisco concert when he performed the encore on his iPad.  He used the Magic Piano iPad application from Smule in the performance.

While I had seen this application before and knew that it was a serious music application, not only a toy, it had never crossed my mind that a professional pianist would use it in a concert.  I don’t know why, as almost all music these days has at least a couple of electronic instruments playing.

I guess we do live in interesting times for every one.

*Images: Smule
Source: The Huffington Post

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One Response to “ “Pianist plays encore on an iPad in San Francisco concert”

  1. Warren S says:

    No, the Smule app is not a serious music application. He is twiddling his fingers in time to the notes, but they can land anywhere. Musicians have used toy pianos before in concert. It *is* entertaining, which is the whole point.

    Thanks for the link!

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