iPad Watcher Recommended Reading #5

In researching material for writing posts for iPad Watcher I come across a huge variety of articles, posts, videos and so on which I feel would interest the readers of this blog. It’s not really possible however, for me to write a post about each of them. Still, I felt that I should find a way in which I could still make available all this information.

It is also interesting to note that while iPad Watcher does publish some short news-like posts on subjects of major interest to iPad enthusiasts and  iPad users, its focus is primarily on opinions and comments. As new iPad applications become available we will be doing reviews of some and perhaps even of entire categories, but as with thousands of applications that are available for the iPhone it will probably not be possible to review even all the really interesting ones. Those that we can’t review but that we find interesting or that have been reviewed by another site may just make their way into a Recommended Reading post in the future.

Recommended Reading #5:

I hope you enjoy these articles.

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