iPad 3G is not locked in to AT&T

This is a little bit of information I had been looking forward to getting, when the 3G model of the iPad finally came out.  Some brave souls have already taken scissors to their SIM cards and turned T-Mobile SIMs into the iPad’s MicroSIM.

As I had the opportunity to watch an interview on TV with a representative of a company that produces these cards I already knew that this was possible, but I didn’t know that the iPad would not be locked-in to AT&T’s network, requiring some hacking in order to connect to other networks.

Well the good news is out and you can connect the iPad to other 3G networks without the need to hack anything. Unfortunately for iPad Watcher readers in the US the only 3G network to use a compatible frequency is AT&T.  You can manage to connect the iPad to T-Mobile’s network but only using the much slower EDGE standard.

In other countries there might be more options available as in Brazil where all four of the major mobile phone carriers offer compatible 3G network access.

Another interesting information to have surfaced in these tests that many are conducting on their newly received iPad 3Gs is that an iPad using a non-AT&T SIM card can send text messages.   Again another interesting bit which might end up being more useful for future iPad users outside the US.

It seems that international users, after having to wait a couple of months for the chance to get their hand on any model of  the iPad might end up having a better mobile options.

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