Scribd moving to HTML5, another notch on the iPad

In a statement made to TechCrunch Scribd’s CTO, Jared Friedman said that Scribd has been working on the project to move everything from Flash to HTML5 for six months. As of today about 200.000 documents published with the service will be available to iPad users, without the requirement of having Flash. This is a clear win for Apple as it makes all this content accessible to iPad owners.

While this project obviously wasn’t related to the iPad’s introduction, it certainly benefits the device and its users as it makes an enormous number of documents available to them.  Scribd is more company to declare in favor of technologies that are part of the HTML5 specification for use in place of Flash, in addition to all the companies that have been removing Flash from their websites so that they can accessed through iPhone and now iPads.

The release of the iPad and the speed with which it is selling must have been a powerful incentive to complete this project and make the service available to Apple customers.  Scribd’s CTO pointed out that they had a simpler task than those that need to handle video as the specifications required to implement great looking documents with elegant typography and formatting has already been completed for a while and is already deployed in browsers.

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