Turn your iPad into a MacBook

Clamcase has announced a clam shell type case of the iPad that includes a built-in bluetooth keyboard. This case acts as a case, a stand and a keyboard all in a single accessory and is sure to become a hit with iPad owners that travel a lot.

The video seems to show a computer rendition and not an actual product, but it is certainly enough to pick anyone’s curiosity. I’m certainly going to be looking this thing over once it is available. While I don’t really think that the keyboard is essential it will certainly be a nice accessory to have a long on a trip as it protects the iPad and lets you bring along the keyboard in one small package. Weight and size might be an issue though, as if gets to close to that of a notebook, it might be better to carry the notebook.

On the other hand, being able to take the iPad out of the case and just use normally for reading on the plane or in your hotel room might justify having the case and the iPad instead of a real notebook. I guess we have to wait for the case to be available and check it out.

UPDATE: The interest in this case seems to be too much for Clamcase’s website. Trying to access the website right now just gives us a page with the information that they “are being slammed”.

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