International pre-orders: Time to dip into those savings

It’s time for those that are lucky enough to get the iPad released in their countries in May to dip into their savings and fork over the money.  The iPad has become available for pre-orders in Australia and will likewise be available in several other countries later today.  The pricing for both the United Kingdom and for Australia seems to be about 10% above what the price + sales tax in the US would be, which some users I have talked to seem to consider a good sign.

Pricing in Germany seems to be a bit higher than everywhere else in Europe due to a recently installed copyright levy.  Steve Jobs is rumored to have replied to an email from a German customer complaining about higher prices by telling him to complain to his government.

A future iPad user from Australia told me that when the iPhone was originally launched in the country the prices were much higher, relative to those practiced in the United States. It will be interesting to watch how sales will evolve in other markets, specially considering that the prices don’t seem to be shaping up as an obstacle in most markets.

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