Wired magazine finally available on the iPad

Wired magazine has finally become available on the iPad.  Users can already download the application from the App Store for $4.99.  This is going to be the per issue cost of the magazine but he user won’t have to download a separate applications for each issue.  Future issues of Wired will be available for purchase from a library within the application itself.

Wired had been working with Adobe on a tablet version of the magazine for quite some time. That work received a jolt when Apple changed the terms of use for its online application store limiting the tools which could be used to create applications for publication through the only official distribution channel for iPhone OS applications. This prevented the original application which was being built with Flash for conversion to a native application through a new Adobe product from being publishable. Seeming unfazed by this Wired assured readers that the magazine would be available as a native application on the iPad soon.

This has not finally come to pass, with the first issue available for download.

Wired made the following flash-encoded video available as a preview of the magazine. Encoding the video in Flash and making it unplayable on the iPad seems like a particularly dumb and cheap shot at Apple, considering that the people who won’t be able to watch the movie are exactly all the potential magazine buyers. It would seem that the folks at Wired weren’t as unfazed as they appeared to be.

As a result of the the work done with Adobe for the creation of this digital edition, Wired’s staff is able to work on both the printed and digital editions of each issue at the same time.

UPDATE: The size of the application had slipped my notice previously. 527 MBs to read a single issue!? These people better rethink what goes into a magazine or else they will be taking up the space for a ton of books, musics and videos.

* Video: Wired Magazine (via AppleInsider)
* Image: Created from elements of the Wired home page.

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