Wired magazine for iPad sells 24.000 units in 24 hours

The first issue of Wired magazine in digital form for the iPad has sold 24.000 units in the first 24 hours of availability.  After some delay in releasing the first issue, Wired seems to have come out with a boom.  In the first day it was available for purchase from the App Store Wired sold an amazing number of units.    If sales continue strong in the next couple of days and even more importantly if the second issue sells similarly as well, this might be a sign of better days to come for digital magazines.

One thing that must be considered for this amazing number to be seen in the right perspective is that Wired is the kind of magazine that attracts people who like technology and who are used to a digital lifestyle.  This might be a heavy influence in its early success when compared to other magazines whose public might be less at ease with reading a digital magazine.

Another interesting point to consider is that the magazine has just become instantly available through out the world at a significantly reduced cost when compared to what you would pay for a paper issue overseas.  Take for example the case of Brazil where an issue of Wired could cost as much as $20 for the paper version, and compare that $4.99 that is being charged for the iPad version.  Anyone that wants to read Wired regularly would be saving  $180 per year.  This immediate access and the incredible reduction in cost might go a long way towards helping some magazines increase their geographic reach and thus their readership.

*Image: Wired.

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One Response to “ “Wired magazine for iPad sells 24.000 units in 24 hours”

  1. will says:

    Those are pretty impressive numbers. I think it’s pretty obvious that the iPad is the device of the future for practically any media consumption. After using one to flip through magazines, books, websites, etc, picking up a stack of stapled paper feels so… old.


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