People line up for hours to get an iPad around the world

In the first day the iPad is officially available outside the US, sales seem to be going strong.  Long lines were reported outside Apple Stores in the countries where the device is now on sale.  CNN has a video of the line outside a London store, and reports that over 1200 people were in line in Tokyo, before the flagship Apple Store there opened in the morning. By mid-afternoon, store employees reassured over 100 customers in line outside the store that they still have inventory, but they indicated that it probably would not last until the end of the day.

From the initial demand that is being reported we can assume that it will be as difficult to get an iPad in Europe, Australia and Japan as it has been in the US lately where 3G models seem to be out of stock all around as are the high-end Wi-Fi models.  The larger demand for the higher capacity version of the Wi-Fi only model seems to be a reversal from initial sales.  When the iPad first went on sale in the US demand was higher for the low-end 16GB model, perhaps with people wanting to experiment with the new device at the lowest possible cost.  Now that the iPad has generally established its merits shoppers seem more willing to take the leap and go for more expensive models.

In several countries pre-orders where delivered ahead of schedule with the lucky people posting pictures of their boxes.  A reader-sent picture was posted by MacRumors showing a large array of boxes from a person that seems to have ordered not only an iPad, but every accessory Apple is selling for it.

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