A developer’s change of heart towards Apple

I ran into an interesting blog post from a developer about his change of heart towards Apple as senseless application rejections stopped being something that only happened to someone else.  Well, what’s so interesting about this post?  After all, there have been plenty of stories about applications that were rejected and developers who were complaining about it…

What really called my attention to this case was that just months ago this same  developer wrote a post in defense of Apple, in face of many articles that suggested that Apple’s App Store practices were “evil”.  (Let’s all agree that that is a stupid description for what might also be stupid decisions by Apple.)

In this case, this is on disillusioned developer, that after an application approved three times, jost got it rejected without a good reason, despite getting one of the now  famous one liner emails by Apple’s CEO, Steve Jobs.

The application that was rejected was a very simple and harmless application called MyFrame which allows the user to have some useful information such as a clock and the weather forecast displayed over ever changing pictures.  In other words, a more useful photo frame than most.  The reason for the rejection?  It was too widgety.

The developer suggests that the fellow that called, over the phone seemed embarassed to have to inform of the rejection and could not provide any specifics changes that would alow the application to be considered acceptable again.

This sort of high handed attitude is something that Apple needs to improve as some of these rejections are borderline ridiculous.  After all, the iPad already works as a photo frame by default, so what harm can there be in the user being able to display some useful information overlayed over the picture?

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One Response to “ “A developer’s change of heart towards Apple”

  1. Dave says:

    As a software developer with 26 years experience, I was interested in developing for Apple products, Until now.
    Thanks Anyway Steve Jobs, I’ll stay with Bill G.

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