iPhone OS is now iOS 4

During his keynote presentation earlier today Steve Jobs announced a name change for iPhone OS.  The new version is now going to be called iOS 4. When you think about it, it makes a lot of sense as with the iPad and iPod Touch both running the operating system there are actually more types of running it that are not phones than that are.

The are some interesting new features in the new version of the operating system but it is too early to tell which of them will be available on the iPad and in which form, due to the hardware difference between the current iPad and the iPhone 4.  The new iPhone has two cameras which allow it not only to take pictures as previous models but to record video HD (720p).  As the iPad doesn’t a camera, features that are directly  related to video such as the new video editing features will not be present in the iPad, when it receives the iOS 4 update later this year.

iPhones will now have their own version of the iBooks application making it easier for users of both iPads and iPhones to always have access to their books, regardless of which device is available at the moment.

Apple has made available a web page with a detailed description of the major new features of the new iPhone 4 and thus indirectly of iOS 4.

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