Baen Free Library – a great source of ebooks for your iPad

If you like science-fiction or fantasy books and haven’t checked out the Baen Free Library, do so right now.  For a long time Baen has been making many of their books available for free download.  These are the same books you would otherwise purchase in paper or ebook form and they are available in multiple formats, including ePub which makes them ideally suited for reading on the iPad in any of various reader applications.

I’ve been using Stanza on the iPod Touch to read ebooks for quite some time and now that Stanza for iPad is out I just loaded it up with several titles I purchased from Baen over the past year or to test it.  In looking for which books to load on Stanza I remembered that I hadn’t covered this topic here before and decided to remedy it.

Baen publishes many accomplished writers with a focus on sci-fi and fantasy and they use the free availability of some of their titles in digital form to introduce readers to their authors.  One of my favorites is David Weber, author of the Honor Harington and SafeHold series.  The Honor Harington series is published by Baen and has several books included in the Free Library.  In fact it was through this sampling of free books that I had my first contact with David Weber’s books, so Baen’s marketing strategy seems to be working.

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