Wired iPad edition close to outselling printed magazine, digital is coming…

In the first nine days of sales Wired Magazine’s iPad edition has sold over 73,000 units, while its printed monthly sales are of about 80,000 units.  If Wired is capable of maintaining such incredible sales numbers after the novelty wares off, it might signal other publications that they should put more effort into their digital editions.

Gone through Wired’s first iPad issue I have to say that despite the underlying technology not being that great, it looks pretty good.  They better do something about the half gigabyte size issues before people start to run out of storage in the iPads, but other than that the experience was quite good and didn’t have all the unnecessary videos that we were seeing all around in proof-of-concept work before the iPad was actually released.

It would be interesting to know how many of those sales come from overseas readers that are able to get the magazine much cheaper and much quicker through a digital download, instead of getting it off of the newsstands.

It seems pretty clear that this month Wired is going to sell more digital issues than printed ones.  Everyone that has been hanging on to the belief that the transition to digital publications and books would be slow might want to reconsider that.   After all, so far there are between 2 and 3 million iPad users in the world.  Imagine how many issues Wired might sell in one year’s time, when more than 10 million users should have iPads.

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