App Store reaches 10,000 iPad apps

The App Store is now showing more than 10,000 apps specifically for the iPad.  That is an impressive mark after just two and a half months since the device was first released.  This is all the more impressive because iPad apps tend to be more complex and extensive in functionalities than their iPhone and iPod siblings.

It is just natural that having much more screen area users would expect more of the applications and that developers would find ways to explore it.  Many iPad applications are much closer  to desktop applications to what you would expect and be used to on the iPhone or iPod, as they can provide functionalities which would be impossible with the much smaller displays of the pocket sized devices.

With Apple expected to receive a huge influx of iOS 4 versions of iPhone applications  before its release, later this month, it is quite possible that the approval process of iPad applications may suffer some delays, leading to a smaller number of applications getting approved during the next month or so.

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