iPhone 4 applications will nearly fill the iPad’s display

Applications designed for the iPhone 4 with its increased display resolution will nearly fill the iPad’s display.  This should make running iPhone applications on the iPad a much better experience than it currently is as there will be none of the possible side effects of using pixel doubling.

The way the iPad works with applications built for the current versions of the iPhone is prone to making things a bit blockier as amplifying an image is always a bit of a guessing game.  While this process makes these applications usable, some of them end up looking not so good.

iPhone application developer Make-Coffee created a picture which can give you an idea of how much of the iPad’s display will be covered by the new applications and how much is currently covered, without the pixel doubling option.

The are in black at the center of the iPad mockup is that which would be occupied by a current iPhone application.  The area in white is that which will be occupied by applications compiled for iOS 4 and the iPhone 4.  As you can see the area in white takes up most of the display area of the iPad, which should make them look pretty good on the iPad.

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