App Review: Osfoora HD – A great Twitter client

Over the past week I’ve been trying out Osfoora HD, a Twitter client of which I had never heard of until I pretty much stumbled on it in the App Store. If you are in a similar situation read on as it turned out that this app is really interesting.

In the past I have used several different Twitter clients and I tried a couple of them out in the iPad but none gave me as good an experience as Osfoora HD.  At first look it seems a bit like a cross between Twitterrific and TweetDeck, but it feels like an improved version of what this cross would look like.

Let’s start from the beginning, with the Twitter user accounts.  In Osfoora HD, as in all major Twitter clients you can have multiple accounts and you can switch between them easily.  The whole time you are using Osfoora you are working within the context an individual account.  While this might not be the best option when you post similar tweets to different accounts, it is very good when your focus is more on reading and soaking in what everyone else is saying.

You can see in the following picture the screen where you choose which account you will use.  At any time you can return to this screen to switch between accounts .

Once you have selected an account you are taken to a general view of that account’s timeline.   In that screen you can scroll through your tweets quickly and access other views through the buttons in the bottom of the display. Using those buttons you can choose to see mentions and direct messages, instead of the timeline.  You can even choose to show the location of the people whose tweets have chosen to show such location information to the public.

In the picture above you can see an example of a timeline being shown through Twitter.  Once you have found a tweet that is of interest to you and which has a link, you can tap it and it will be shown in greater detail in the “upper” most portion of the screen (in portrait mode)  as shown in the picture below.

Osfoora HD has a great feature for integrating it with new services such as Instapaper and Read It Later.  Once you have activated one of these services within the application a popup menu will be displayed whenever you touch a link, asking if you would like to view that item immediately or store it for later reading.  This is one powerful feature for me as I go through hundreds of tweets daily and with this option I can save most stuff that interests me for reading after I have reviewed all tweets instead of always interrupting this task to go off read a page that I’ve been led to by a link in a tweet.

This feature alone has helped me become much more productive when reviewing a couple of hours worth of tweets as I have a much more direct and well structured workflow.  First review all tweets flagging appropriate links for further investigation through Instapaper.  Once I’ve gone through all the tweets, I skim through each of those saved documents to see which ones I should devote some time to really reading.

The application’s settings are easily accessible through the button in the upper toolbar that shows a gear icon.  While there are a good deal of options they are generally easy to use. It didn’t take me more than fifteen minutes to have the application configured the way I wanted, with four Twitter accounts registered and all the preferences set, including the integration to Instapaper.

When writing a tweet, all the auxiliary functions you might need such as posting a picture, shortening a URL or adding a frequently used hash tag are immediately available in a small strip right below the text box.

While I came to discover Osfoora HD quite by accident, having used the application for some time I can safely recommend it as one of the best, Twitter clients I’ve seen.  In fact Osfoora HD is now my official client on the iPad, though I still use Twitterrific on the iPod and TweetDeck on my MacBook.

If you are not totally satisfied with the user experience you get from your current Twitter client, you might want to this application for a spin.  With a price tag of just $3,99, Osfoora HD certainly gives you a great cost-benefit ratio.

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