iPad sales are growing fast

Just yesterday Apple announced the sale of its 3 millionth iPad, after 80 days of sales.  Now that Apple has taken the iPad international it seems that sales are picking up the pace.  While impressive, considering that initial sales were already high, this shouldn’t really come as a surprise as it continues to be hard to just walk into an Apple Store or Best Buy and find the exact model of iPad that you want.

Let’s have a quick look at how sales progressed.  It took Apple just 28 days to sell the first million iPads, which was quite impressive.  It then took them 31 days to sell the 2 millionth iPad as they announced that they had reached that mark in less than 60 days.  This seemed exactly like what we should have expected, as it took them slightly longer to sell the second million as initial sales had all the talk, discussion, speculation and hype to draw attention to the product.

Yesterday Apple announced that it had reached the 3rd million in iPad unit sales, however, showing that sales are not only strong, but actually growing fast as it took them just 21 days to sell this last million units.  As Apple enters nine new markets with the iPad next month it is possible that sales will be even higher in August, provided that demand continues as strong in the US and in the initial European markets targeted  by Apple and that they can actually manufacture enough iPads to go around.

Next in Apple’s international rollout are the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Hong Kong, Ireland, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand and Singapore.  All of these countries should see an iPad release in July, though no specific date has yet been announced.

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