Many are disappointed with their new iPhones

It seems that many people are disappointed with their brand new iPhones.  Over at The Next Web, they’ve collected some comments from disgruntled users who ran into several problems in their first day of usage. Complaints about the iPhone 4 center around two main issues: spots on the display and bad reception.

Both of these issues already have some tentative explanations, one of which is good for users while the other is truly disappointing.  There has been a suggestion that the spots on the display are related to a substance used in the bonding process for different layers in the glass and that they will disappear after a few days of usage.  This would certainly be a good solution for the issue as users would end up with pristine displays.

The second issue, on the other hand doesn’t have such a nice solution as reception seems to drop markedly with calls being dropped if you hold your iPhone with your left hand as that will cover most of the antenna for the phone.  Apparently this is simply how the phone was designed and the recommendation to keep it from happening is to use a case so that your hand doesn’t come into contact with the antenna.

Considering  just how modern and sophisticated the new iPhone looks, with its video calling capabilities and faster processor the issue with the reception is bound to be a huge disappointment for a lot of users.

UPDATE: I’ve gotten some messages from users saying that they are satisfied with their new iPhone’s.  I don’t really think there will be general discontentment with the new phone, it just impressed me that there would be so many people complaining so soon.  That is not the usual reception for a new Apple product.

A friend that has WiFi connection problems with his iPad lent his device to me for testing at my home.  On my home network, there were no issues. While at his place he needs to reconnect to the wireless network and provide his password several times a day, here it never happened here. Every user’s experience will be different and hopefully most will be very happy with  their new phones.

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2 Responses to “ “Many are disappointed with their new iPhones”

  1. JK says:

    I have a friend that told me they were having the WiFi issues. They had to put in the password multiple times a day. It has to do with changing one of the setting on the iPad. If that is done, it screws up the iPad WiFi. Although I don’t remember the exact setting.

    Here’s a good discussion on the topic:–apple-posts-new-support-article/

  2. Mauricio Longo says:

    That case seems to really be a matter of compatibility with older routers and access points. I’ve tested an iPad which presented that problem on a home network by taking it to two different locations and joining two other wireless networks where it had absolutely no problem and never asked for the password after the first connection.

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