iPhone sales pass 1.7 million in just 3 days

In a press release issued today Apple announced that it had sold over 1.7 million iPhones in just the first 3 days of sales.  Those are the sales registered up until this past Saturday and all indications are that where supplies still last there is still high demand for the phone.

With Apple selling  millions of  iPhones each quarter there could be little doubt that there would be strong demand for the new phone, so Apple ramped up production and had a huge quantity of devices available to buyers when it was officially released.  Even so, there are reports of locations where the phone is no longer available.

The introduction of iPhone 4 and the new version of its operating system is likely to bring even more pressure on the supply of iPads as the new OS adds support for executing multiple third party applications at the same time.  This is a feature whose lack many complained about in the iPad and the new OS allows people to glimpse how the iPad’s functionality and usefulness should be enhanced when the new iOS 4 is made available to its users, later this year.

The recent sales success of the iPad and now the iPhone 4 will continue to place Apple in the spotlight and make it the focus of all competitor’s attention.

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