iPad users will probably get iOS 4 before November

A piece on Advertising Age that came to my attention through a post by Daniel Eran Dilger on AppleInsider suggests that iOS 4 will not come to the iPad before November.   This was extrapolated from the fact that Apple seems to be telling advertisers with its new iAd mobile advertising network that the service will not be available on the iPad before November.

iAd support is one of the features of the new iOS 4 that are not already available in the iPad’s iPhone OS 3.2.  Several of the features that were introduced on the iPhone with iOS 4 were already available on the iPad’s version of iPhone OS, such as spell checking and the support for bluetooth keyboards.

I would bet, however, that Apple will actually release the new operating system for the iPad some time before November as to allow time for users to update their devices before the ad service goes live.   It would make little sense to have the ad service going live for the iPad in the same day that people will be starting to update the devices.  There simply wouldn’t be enough users to view the ads on the first couple of days to give advertising customers a good impression of the return they can expect.

It is possible that Apple is playing it safe with its advertisers and that it will release iOS 4 for the iPad some time before November so that there is time to ensure that enough users have updated their devices and can therefore see and interact with the ads.  In this scenario we can probably expect iOS 4 for the iPad to be released sometime in October.

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    Mobile advertising would continue to grow as more and more mobile phone users get hooked on texting and mobile browsing.””:


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