iPad flies past Android in Web browsing usage share

With the numbers for May out it is clear that the iPad is the best device around for Web browsing as it managed to blaze past Android’s usage share in just 3 months.   The iPad single handedly beat all Android devices combined.  This is certainly a reflection of the fact that there are not real competitors to the iPad that are running Andorid, yet.  This should change in a few months as some other manufacturer manages to get their act together and produce a decent Tablet computer equipped with Google’s mobile OS.

At that point the iPad should start to see real competition but until then it will probably continue to enjoy a reasonable usage advantage and quite possibly continue to broaden that advantage.

The following are the web browsing usage numbers from NetMarketShare.

  • March, 201 Android: 0.07%   iPAd: 0.00%
  • April, 2010 Android: 0.09%   iPad: 0.03%
  • May, 2010 Android: 0.11%     iPad: 0.09%
  • June, 2010 Android: 0.14%    iPad: 0.17%

The numbers above are dated based on when they are releasedand correspond to the usage in the previous month,

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