Rumor: iPad production reaches 2 million units per month

It seems that several analysts decided to publish new guesses about how Apple’s sales did last quarter. Among these guesses was one which was a presented by more than one analyst and which suggested that Apple may have increased production of iPads to 2 million units a month.

Apple is scheduled to introduce the iPad in nine new  countries this month and it would seem only prudent to continue increasing production as there is no sign that demand is slacking off in the countries where the device is already available and it is more likely than not to face high demand in the new markets.

Just today I came across a 64 GB WiFi iPad selling for almost $1800 in a shop in Rio de Janeiro.  This is almost 3 times the value of the device in an Apple Store in the US.  Brazil is not one of the countries where the iPad is already available, but there is clearly strong demand, considering the asking price.

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