FaceTime for iPad and iPod touch details start to emerge

A post on Boy Genius Report has got an immensely blown up picture of what the configuration screen of FaceTime should like on the iPod Touch.  Earlier today the habitual rumors about the presence of a camera on the next generation iPod Touch were circulating and this seems to tie in rather nicely with the configuration screen which is supposedly from the developer seed of iOS 4.1 which shows that FaceTime will use and email to identify the user for the purpose of placing video calls.

It is not recent news that Apple has experimented with adding a camera to the iPod Touch in the past.  A couple of prototypes of a third generation iPod Touch with a camera have surfaced in the past several months.

Steve Jobs himself, in his keynote at WWDC 2010,  mentioned that Apple expected to sell tens of millions of FaceTime devices.  We must therefore assume either the iPod Touch, the iPad or both will get FaceTime support in the not too distant future.  As I don’t really expect to see a new iPad announced before January it seems likely that 2010 is really the year in which the iPod Touch will finally get a camera.

While the Boy Genius suggests that FaceTime will use an Apple ID for user identification, the screenshots show only mention an email so it might be possible that it accept an email that is not tied to an Apple ID as your FaceTime “number”.  On the iPhone FaceTime makes use of the actual phone number of the person you want to call, but on the iPad and iPod Touch there is no phone number so another solution for identifying the person you want to call.

Using email addresses is a good idea as just about anyone with an iPod, iPad will have an email account and anyone tha doesn’t can always get one free.  This identification method could also be used to allow users with Macs to share in all the FaceTime video calling network as all iMacs and MacBooks are equipped with cameras.

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