LG is having trouble keeping up with demand for iPad displays

During a conference call LG’s CEO Kwon Young-Soo stated that his company is having trouble keeping up with the demand for iPad displays, despite the fact that its factories are working at full capacity.  It seems that Apple was not the only company taken by surprise by the high demand that met the iPad’s release.

According to LG the supply of iPad displays will continue to be tight until early 2011.  Back in March news came out that Apple had contracted with Samsung for 3 million LCD panels for the iPad in addition to 10 million that had been ordered from LG.  It is possible that Apple might again turn to Samsung in order to get additional displays if LG can’t increase production to meet current demand levels.

One has to wonder, however, from where will come displays for possible competing tablet devices is Apple is busy buying all that can be made by some of the industry’s largest manufacturers.  It is quite possible that the iPad’s success will hurt its competition indirectly as much as by its huge user approval rates.

Supply of small LCD displays might end up being a critical bottleneck for other companies looking to bring new products to market in order to compete with the iPad.

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