The iPad is killing off products before they are even launched

During the previous several months the iPad managed to kill off just about any tablet computer that was mentioned as a new product, but just about any company.  HP was the first to show clear signs about just how serious it takes the iPad when it dropped its plans for the  Windows 7 based Slate and acquired Palm for a hefty 1.2 Billion USD.  This can be a good move, if HP manages to come up with a good game plan for bringing webOS devices to the market.

At the same time, Apple sent tsunami like waves into several other markets such as that of dedicated ebook readers which saw significant price reductions since the iPad was introduced and that of netbooks whose growth has pretty much stalled.  If all this wasn’t enough, the companies that are now scrambling to regroup and come up with a product that might stand up to the iPad now need to come up with products that can match the rumors about iPad 2.0.

Several tablets and ebook readers which were shown at CES 2010 never made it to the market as it started to become clear that they wouldn’t be able to compete either with the iPad or the now lower priced Kindle and Nook ebook readers.  The latest device to join the ranks of the still born competitors was Plastic Logic’s QUE ebook reader.  The company announced today that it would be reviewing its product plans and redirecting its efforts to the next generation of the device, due to how much the market had changed since they announced the product.

With Apple buying up as many iPad displays as it can get its hands on, competitors might find it difficult to secure a suitable supply of them.  This seemingly insatiable demand for iPad components might lead Apple to kill even more possible competitors simply because they can’t get enough components to create  a suitable supply of parts to take their prototypes to actual production.

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2 Responses to “ “The iPad is killing off products before they are even launched”

  1. Joe Flambe says:

    I’m not sure why people are buying the iPad, it has no USB ports, it runs overpriced iphone apps and you can’t run real applications on it since it’s scaled down to conserve the battery life.

    what a joke!!

  2. Mauricio Longo says:

    Well… It is more a matter of personal taste…

    Other people would say that the iPad runs thousands of real apps that other computers can’t run, weighs about half of netbook with a similar sized screen. Starts up in about 1 second instead of a couple of minutes and has its USB port sold separately.

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