Oracle is suing Google over Java IP usage in Android

In an interesting turn of events, Oracle announced that it was suing Google over copyright and patent infringements on its Java intelectual property. While this is not directly linked to the iPad or Apple, it is certainly of interest to those that are  following the moves by several major electronics and computer makers to bring iPad competitors to market.

Sun acquired the rights to Java along with Sun in April 2009.  The first statements by Oracle seem to indicate that they don’t intend to try to force Google to stop using Java and Java derived technologies in Android, but rather intend to make them pay for the license to do so.

This move by Oracle might just have made Android a much more difficult pill for Google to swallow considering that right now they are licensing Android for free and might soon have to pay for the privilege to continue to do so.  This is going to be on Clash of the Titans that is going to be interesting to watch.

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