HBO Streaming will be available on the iPad

A great bit of news for iPad owners that are also movie lovers.  HBO Co-President Eric Kessler has stated that the company’s  HBO Go streaming service will be available on the iPad and other mobile devices within six months.

Unfortunately this service will probably only be available for residents of the United States as is the case with NetFlix and other such services.  This leaves iPad users from other countries with whatever video content they can sync directly from their home or work computers.

This information was published as part of an article on Bloomberg, but  iPad Watcher dug it up through a post on Mashable.

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2 Responses to “ “HBO Streaming will be available on the iPad”

  1. Its not good news at all.

    HBO will only be available it you are already a cable subscriber and get HBO there.

    THere will NOT be a separate service for people without an existing HBO subscription.

  2. Mauricio Longo says:

    Nevertheless, there must be millions of cable subscribers worldwide that get the HBO channels. Most of these people would be very happy if they could watch this content while not at home.

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