Taking notes on your iPad with Chapters

Since the iPad was first introduced people have been fascinated by the possibility of using them for taking notes.  The size and weight of the iPad makes it a great option for carrying around the office and into meetings.  Personally, I’ve always been interested in this aspect of the iPad and when I ran across a note taking application called Chapters I was immediately interested  in testing.

Chapters seems specially well suited for taking notes for which a chronology is important.  The application gives special attention to the date in which a note is created and they are listed in chronological order.  This can be quite interesting for class notes or for short notes on specific projects.  When you first enter Chapters you are greeted to a view of a white notebook cover (or covers once you’ve created a few of your own).

You can create different notebooks for storing notes on different projects or different classes.  When you go into a notebook you are shown a list of notes in chronological order and the view of the first note in the notebook.

When you hold your iPad in portrait mode Chapters focuses on the currently selected note, hiding the index of the current notebook.  You can add images to your notes from your photo library.  This allows you to add diagrams or photos to notes when appropriate.   Chapters focus being on taking notes, not creating fancy documents, so it doesn’t have sophisticated text formatting options.  This doesn’t detract from the application’s stated goal.  I found that this little application is actually quite handy for storing and sorting notes.

You can check out Chapters on the iTunes online store where it is available for $3.99.

UPDATE: An application update released right after this post had been written added the capability of exporting your notes to PDF format.  This same update also improved the responsiveness of the notebook selection view when you swipe  to browse the available selection.   This view seemed to have a problem when you used your finger in certain areas of the screen.  During my testing this issue had not really presented itself.

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