In a busy day Apple updates all iWork Apps and Filemaker Go for the iPad

In a busy day of application releases both Apple and its subsidiary Filemaker released new versions of their main productivity applications for the iPad.   The updates to the iWork applications seem to be focusing on the main complaints from early adopters such as the inability of having objects grouped and the inability to export the documents in a Microsoft Office compatible format.

Both Keynote and Numbers were updated with the ability to export documents in formats compatible with Microsoft’s Powerpoint and Excel applications.  These updates should help make the iPad even more useful as a business user’s mobile computer of choice.

The Pages application was also updated as to fix a big issue for users that create larger, more complex documents.  The new version now correctly supports footnotes, endnotes, sections and tables of contents. The fact that more elaborate documents would loose such content when opened in the iPad version of Pages was relegating the application to a being a slightly enriched text editor, as many users avoided doing work on larger documents.

As for Filemaker Go, the major new feature is the enhancement to the ways in which you can send data to other users.  You can now email PDF reports or entire databases directly from one iPad to another.

Considering that the iPad has been on sale for just about six months, the level of sophistication of the productivity applications available for the device is quite impressive.  Continued enhancement to these applications should help Apple continue to sell iPads as fast as they can make them.

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